Commercial Real Estate | Site Selection

It doesn’t matter what type of commercial kitchen you’re operating, site location is critical to success. There are a range of important commercial real estate considerations you need to investigate before making a decision and signing a lease or purchase documents. 

Existing infrastructure, shopping centre guidelines, lease conditions and terms, moving costs, construction costs and frontage or exposure are just a handful of the many key factors that determine the suitability of commercial real estate space for food operators. 

Food Strategy has helped get kitchens open for business for over 22 years. Our team has read countless shopping centre guidelines, building reports and leases, as well as photographing and working with sites that are in all sorts of conditions! Building relationships with food business owners has also meant we’ve been able to listen and learn about their wins and failures in commercial real estate, leaving no stone unturned. 

Got a potential site lined up for your food business? Ask us to come and have a look. The extra information will give you the confidence to make the best decision for your food business.