Sports Canteen Projects

You might be watching your favourite team take on their competitors or maybe you’re part of the family and friend cheer squad supporting children at mid-week training and weekend sporting events? Perhaps you’re a player yourself? Whichever way you dig it, sport sits at the heart of the lifestyle for many Aussies. Food, drinks and coffee secure those sporting moments – an early morning coffee for mum and dad at kids’ sport, hot chips to appease the littlest sports fans (or the adults!), or a burger and beer to celebrate a big win.

Fast and reliable service is a core consideration when designing sports club canteens. The service area should be accessible to customers and the design should complement the staff’s efficiency and skill level. Equipment should be simple and efficient, with enough flexibility to cater to a small weeknight-training dinner rush or a large weekend event.

Food Strategy is your expert for designing sports canteens. We are proud to showcase some of our previous canteen projects and canteen design ideas. Discover more below.