Pubs/Breweries Projects

Everybody loves their local pub. Pubs are places where you can enjoy alcoholic drinks and food while catching up with friends and family. Support your local or international sports team while enjoying craft beer with your mates.

Pubs are designed to serve drinks as quickly and as cold as possible. Similarly, brewpubs or breweries are known for their craft beer. Each brew has its own distinct flavour that makes loyal patrons keep coming back for more. Each beer has its own storage to keep the flavour intact and fresh, which is connected to a designated tap that bartenders can easily access. 

Mouth-watering meals and appetizers are also served to customers to complement the drinks. It’s important that the commercial kitchen design complements the bar design for efficiency in layout and service. 

You can trust Food Strategy with the foodservice design of your pub or brewery. For more information, contact us today.