Prison Projects

Prison kitchen design and layout requires professional advice and consultation. Correctional facilities employ inmates to do specific tasks, including kitchen duties. Prison kitchens are required to follow strict protocols, ensuring the safety and security of staff and inmates.

Correctional facility kitchen equipment must have the capacity to produce cooked meals for hundreds of inmates. Capacity aside, there are unique kitchen equipment specifications for correctional facilities, with some suppliers offering prison-specific equipment that has already been modified. The equipment must feature security measures that prevent inmates from tampering with equipment or tools inside the prison kitchen or causing harm to others. 

Prison kitchen layout is critical in the design, as all areas must be easily supervised by correctional officers. For prisoner safety, there should be no cross-overs between work stations and benches must be designed with chains for kitchen utensils. Storage areas for plates, bowls and utensils should be separate and locked-down. 

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