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“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”— Gautama Buddha

As you enter Peak Thai restaurant in Brisbane, these words of wisdom from Gautama Buddha will immediately come to mind. Inside, glass pendant lights hang from the ceiling and give the impression of candle flames floating in midair. In this Asian restaurant filled with warm golden light, you’ll see the Buddha featured on an accent wall, his serene face framed by pink lotus flowers in full bloom.

On August 28, Peak Thai was filled with the scent of incense as a Buddhist monk said his prayers and blessed the restaurant. Peak Thai opened their doors to customers on September 5.

Peak Thai’s delectable cuisine will bring you the sights and scents of Southeast Asia.

Restaurant Interior Design

Food Strategy used carved timber and tile patterns to decorate Peak Thai’s entrance. The name of the restaurant is highlighted in maroon metal, backlit with warm yellow LED. Customers enter Peak Thai through black framed sliding doors opening into a beautiful dining room.

The wall featuring the Buddha’s face is the eye-catching feature of the dining room. Pendant lights provide accent lighting and give the area a cosy ambiance. Customers can choose from a variety of soft maroon booth seats and comfortable chairs. Peak Thai can accommodate 83 people, with the ability to expand to more seats hidden behind a concealed door. The restaurant interior design incorporates elements of stone, warm timbers and subdued lighting.

Restaurant Kitchen Design

The bar is on the right side of the restaurant. It has a stone countertop and carved timber front, with lights concealed under the bench. The wall behind the bar is decorated with tile patterns that mimic the shape of the pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. Black wall shelves frame bottles of liquor.

Heat lamps hang above the stainless steel passthrough, while a refrigerator and a microwave are tucked under the bench. The commercial kitchen has two Chinese wok ranges, a chargrill and two fryers. An exhaust canopy keeps the busy kitchen well ventilated.

Food Strategy’s design of the restaurant kitchen included an MKN combi oven to automate the cooking of food. This efficient equipment can cook huge batches of food without transferring flavour and without constant supervision from the staff. The MKN combi oven takes only a small amount of space in the kitchen, allowing for greater efficiency.

Food Strategy also placed a Meiko glasswasher in the kitchen. Because this glasswasher has an RO unit, the glassware is cleaned so well that it does not need polishing. There is no need for kitchen staff to polish glasses at the end of service, so Peak Thai saves money on staff cost.

At the back of the kitchen, there is a medium temperature coldroom, an upright three-door freezer and another refrigerator. Ingredients are stored in five-tier and four-tier shelves.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Specification

Custom made medium temperature coldroom, Williams refrigerators, True refrigerators, Goldstein Chinese wok ranges, Waldorf chargrill, Menumaster microwave, Waldorf gas fryers and cooktops, MKN combi oven, Meiko passthrough dishwasher, Meiko undercounter glasswasher, Custom made exhaust canopy, Hoshizaki ice machine, Hatco decorative heat lamps

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