Food Production Projects

Food production kitchens are essential for any businesses that serve, produce or provide food in bulk. Depending on the type of production kitchen, food is produced in bulk before being shipped to retailers or dining and institutional facilities. Centralised food production kitchens can be a more economical option than having individual kitchens at all stores or facilities.

Food production kitchens normally have a larger footprint and equipment with greater capacity or specialised equipment. Workflow is important to ensure that food goes through the correct steps and there is no cross-contamination. Unobstructed access for food input and output, as well as packing and shipping, is central to end-to-end productivity. Sufficient storage for bulk goods is also a key consideration. 

Food Strategy designs food production kitchens for businesses across aged care, childcare, bakeries, jam and honey production, and more. Discuss your food production kitchen plans with Food Strategy today.