Aged Care Projects

A good aged care facility provides quality healthcare, engaging and varied experiences, and support for the elderly. Outstanding and compliant amenities are crucial to meeting Australia’s Aged Care Quality Standards and stakeholder expectations. With Australia’s aging population, growth is a serious issue and should be considered from the outset.

Aged care kitchens are an integral part of each facility. Aged care meals should be portion controlled, served at the correct temperature, delicious, nutritious and stimulate the appetite while meeting the specific dietary needs of residents. The current cohort of aging Australians have gone through life with quality food at their fingertips. They have higher expectations around food quality, taste and diversity, and rightly so.

Food Strategy ensures that every aged care kitchen is designed to accommodate the busy environment inside the facility, while being flexible enough to meet the diverse needs and palettes of residents. They are designed to prepare food as quickly as possible while strictly following HACCP compliance, which is critically important for high-risk groups, such as the elderly. Equally as important is ensuring that kitchens are efficient and streamlined to reduce costs, allowing food budgets to stretch further

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