Queensford College Training Kitchen | Brisbane

Appreciating good food is one thing — cooking amazing food is another. Are you passionate about food and cooking? If you want to create dishes that other people will enjoy, enrol in Queensford College in Brisbane for a commercial cookery course. Here you’ll learn the skills you need to work in hospitality.

Queensford College has a comprehensive curriculum for culinary students. You will learn basic cooking skills such as producing appetisers, stock and salads. There are also lessons on making seafood dishes, farinaceous dishes and meat dishes. Some chefs work in hospitals and aged care facilities, so Queensford College also teaches how to prepare food for people with special dietary requirements.

Training Kitchen Design

Food Strategy designed the training kitchen of Queensford College so students can easily do hands-on cooking while their trainer demonstrates various cooking methods. One class can be divided into seven groups with their own work area in the kitchen. The training kitchen is designed so that each group can use a 4 burner gas cooktop with oven and undercounter refrigerators.

In another area of the training kitchen, students learn how to use a food processor, vacuum sealer and planetary mixer. This area is also equipped with fryers, a chargrill and combi ovens. Here, culinary students learn the typical workflow of a commercial kitchen. They can move easily from the storage area to the prep area, cooking area or washing area.

Queensford College also teaches culinary students how to operate the bar and work the counter. Food Strategy supplied the training kitchen with a refrigerated display case, blenders, coffee-making equipment and POS. The training kitchen of Queensford College was designed to strictly comply with Australia’s food safety standards.

Graduates of Queensford College’s culinary course will be eligible to work as commercial cooks in food businesses and hospitality establishments. If you enrol in their culinary course, you will gain the skills necessary to become a chef.

Open your commercial kitchen with Food Strategy. Aside from training kitchens and food production kitchens, we also design kitchens for restaurants and cafés. Contact us for a streamlined, HACCP-compliant foodservice design.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Specification

Custom made medium temperature coldrooms, Festive refrigerated display case, Skope 1 door undercounter refrigerator, Tecnomac blast chiller/freezer, Turbo-Air 2 door freezer, Turbo-Air 3 door back bar refrigerator, Hobart planetary mixer, Robot Coupe food processor, Robot Coupe stick blenders, Vitamix blender, Menumaster microwave, Rational combi steamers, Waldorf fryer, Waldorf gas chargrill I 200, Waldorf gas cooktop 900, Zanussi 4 burner gas cooktop with electric oven, Zanussi 6 burner 900 wide swing barn doors oven, Washtech passthrough dishwasher, Washtech undercounter dishwasher, Halton exhaust canopies, Mazzer coffee grinder, Orved vacuum sealer, Rational condensation hood, Rheem HWU, Waldorf oil filtration machine, Wega 2 group coffee machine