The Best of Fine Food Australia 2018: Top Food Industry Trends to Watch Out for

Every year, Fine Food Australia comes out with the most notable food industry trends and this year is no exception. From microwave ovens that can toast food in a minute to the latest in waitstaff fashion, here are the most interesting gems from this year’s trade show.

1. Microwave Toaster

Fast food got faster with a microwave toaster that can make sandwiches, pizzas, paninis and the all-time favourite ham and cheese toastie in under a minute. Unlike a conventional microwave that produces a soggy toastie, microwave toasters such as the SpeeDelight and the Nemco Panini Pro keep the outside of the toastie nice and crisp as it microwaves the ham and cheese inside. It even creates that beautiful toasted imprint on the sandwich. And the best part? It has user-friendly controls, with buttons to choose programs by Chef or Amateur. Suitable for both BOH and FOH staff!

2. Coffee Foam Printing

Printing on coffee cup foam is one of the top food industry trends showcased at the Fine Food Australia expo. Filetto Latte Art Printer’s technology uses a mobile app to send the image to the printer which in turn prints the photo using edible dyes. No more brown and white headless swans or floppy flowers. The marketing possibilities are endless. The entire process takes only a few seconds and has been a definite crowd favourite this year. Check out how easy it is:

3. Quiet Blenders

We know this all too well – how industrial grade blenders can create so much noise pollution, making them occupational hazards in the cafe and restaurant industry. The noise from the working blenders is so disruptive it can destroy the ambience and ruin the customer’s dining experience in coffee shops and restaurants. Manufacturers have been going through great lengths to produce noise-free blenders to address this need. Some of the blenders from the trade show – such as the Blendtec Stealth 885 – come with noise canceling casing so that when the case is down and the blender is running, it’s almost impossible to hear the noise it produces.

4. Aprons

In the foodservice industry, the brand is only as good as its people and it was interesting to find a number of suppliers showcasing the latest trends in aprons and waitstaff fashion. Aprons are the absolute fashion icons in this industry. In a client-facing industry like the foodservice industry, aesthetics are important and you want your staff to look their best all the time. You also want your apparel to be durable and made of quality material. Apparel suppliers also offer customisation services if you want to get really creative with dressing your staff. Professional foodservice design, professional fitout, professional staff – it all creates that lasting impression!

5. POS Solutions/Cloud Solutions

The world is going to the cloud and there’s no way to stop it. Cloud-based solutions are one of the hottest food industry trends featured at the Fine Food Australia. A well-chosen POS system will save you money and drive efficiency in your food business. They connect with cloud accounting software to give real time operational data.

6. Induction Equipment

Induction technologies have been trending for a number of years and while there are no changes in the technology, manufacturers are getting innovative with the design. With coils running up and down the pan, heat is able to be spread more evenly. One particular type of induction cooktop that is making waves is the underbench (stone), hidden induction cooktop. The stone benchtop is able to be used as normal when not being used as a cooktop. This creates a seamless workstation and allows for more bench space, without sacrificing function. More types of induction equipment are rolling out into the market so watch this space and stay on top of the trend.

7. Small Footprint Equipment

When it comes to leasing, every bit of floor space is money and you need to make the most out of it. One of the top food industry trends to watch out for is smaller footprint equipment. Ovens, fryers, fridges and other items are getting a leaner makeover to accommodate restaurants with limited spaces to work with. The trade show featured a number of food preparation technologies that don’t take up a lot of room but are still producing the same quality. Smaller footprint cooking equipment also enables more equipment options to give the chef better menu capabilities at a lower rental cost.

8. Ventless Fryers

There were a lot of ventless deep fryers at the Fine Food this year. Units such as the ones from Perfect Fry, Quality Fry and Auto Fry feature their own inbuilt filtration and exhaust systems, eliminating odours and the need for costly hoods and canopies.

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