The shop front design of your foodservice establishment is the face your business presents to the public. Whether or not it turns heads and attracts customers depends on 4 key factors: signage, facade, window display and lighting

4 Key Aspects Of Appealing Shop Front Design For Restaurants & Cafés

The shop front design of your foodservice establishment is the face your business presents to the public. Whether or not it turns heads and attracts customers depends on 4 key factors: signage, facade, window display and lighting. Foodservice designers are experts at creating stunning shop fronts that appeal to target customers. Nailing the 4 key aspects of compelling shop front design will kickstart your operations on opening day.

1. Eye-catching Signage

Distinct and easy-to-read signage is a critical aspect of effective shop front design. Can passers-by read your signage at a glance or is it barely visible? Clear and striking signage attracts attention in the street. Spell out your brand in big, bold letters. Use contrasting colours to prevent the text from blending with the background.

Restaurant or café signage could be as simple as black text painted on white fascia. Dimensional letters made of metal, plastic or acrylic are more durable, so they are highly recommended for shop fronts. Some food businesses use light boxes for vibrant and affordable signage. Other restaurants and cafés order backlit fabricated letters for maximum impact. LED lighting creates a dramatic halo effect that makes signage stand out. Your shop front will grab people’s attention, especially at night.

2. Attractive Facade

Food businesses with unique concepts step up their game with stunning facades. Imagine walking along a sidewalk, passing by glass windows of ordinary stores and restaurants — until you see the elegant shop front of a new Japanese restaurant. The shop front design seamlessly integrates minimalist aesthetics with traditional Japanese architecture. It’s a mix of old and new, and from this you can expect that the restaurant serves Japanese cuisine with a modern twist.

An extraordinary shop front design features a facade that expresses your concept and excites people’s curiosity at the same time. Once they’re in, it’s your job to impress them with a memorable dining experience — one they’ll want to repeat. Compelling shop front designs for restaurants and cafés don’t just look good. They look interesting. They give a hint of what to expect in your establishment.

3. Tantalizing Window Displays

Effective shop front designs use window displays to showcase products. This is why bakeries, butcher shops and fromageries arrange their merchandise in mouthwatering displays. Make it easy for people to see your best dishes and food products. The window display is also a good place to announce sales and special offers.

Most restaurants and cafés have glass walls that show their interiors, but others create window displays as well. For example, select Asian restaurants and cafés show artificial food on their window displays. These food models are so carefully made and meticulously painted that they look realistic. People who see these enticing dishes can’t help but want to taste the real food.

4. Welcoming Lighting

The effects of lighting are subtle yet undeniable. Lighting should never be overlooked when creating attractive shop front designs for restaurants and cafés. Clear and bright task lighting is good for the back of house. Ample illumination enables chefs and cooks to do their jobs well and safely. On the other hand, ambient lighting is more suited to the front of house. Soft, warm light is easy on the eyes and cultivates a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

Shop fronts and window displays greatly benefit from track lighting and downlights. Waterproof lights specially made for exteriors effectively illuminate signage when it’s dark. Changing the positions of track lights enables you to direct the attention of people to important parts of your window display. Moreover, a beautifully decorated interior looks, even more, inviting with proper lighting.

Create Captivating Shop Fronts With Skillful Foodservice Designers

Experienced foodservice designers are skilled at reeling in customers with inviting shop fronts. Shop front designs for restaurants and cafés appeal to the senses and whet the appetite. Learn more about Food Strategy’s designers and how we can help drive more guests to your establishment. Send us a message for enquiries.