The Future of Robotics & Automation in the Foodservice Industry

Robotics and automation are rapidly changing many industries across the globe. Continual developments in technology are creating a firm foundation for robotics companies that are looking towards food service automation. 

Process-driven tasks in commercial kitchens and front-of-house are already shifting towards automation, with robotics testing well underway. As with most things, the pros and cons of robotics and automation come under much contention. Many people point to the largely untested line between robotics and human interaction, particularly in the healthcare sector. However, labour cost savings, better product quality and improved workplace health and safety have proven to be major benefits for those companies already implementing such technology. The shift towards robotics and automation is very real and must remain firmly on the radar of business owners and foodservice managers.

This eBook dives into the current status and future of robotics and automation across the Australian foodservice landscape. Importantly, it also considers the foodservice design impact for your business.  Robotics and automation are hot topics that aren’t going away.

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