Engaging a shopfitter is a core step in the journey towards opening a commercial kitchen or hospitality venue. Successful shopfitting requires designs that are clear, extremely accurate and highly detailed to avoid ambiguity. By incorporating shopfitting knowledge into our core capabilities, Food Strategy produces construction-ready designs for the varied contractors working on your project. Each and every time. This helps in keeping your project as seamless as possible, from start to finish.

Shopfitting knowledge includes understanding how to set out, manufacture, assemble and install cabinetry, joinery and unique fitout elements. The difference between a successful hospitality or restaurant shopfitter and an unsuccessful one can be as little as a few millimetres. By having a deep understanding of the processes and steps that shopfitters work through in the factory and on-site, we can create designs that are compliant and shopfitting-friendly. This keeps all stakeholders happy and on-track.

Food Strategy also creates shop drawings on request from clients, landlords and shopfitters.

Our team adheres to the highest building and foodservice standards, such as: