The contract management process is an important part of any facility and will ensure all parties meet their required obligations and expectations. It is a time-consuming process, however, if done right it is an essential element in meeting targets and achieving success in projects.

Contracts can be quite large with huge amounts of paperwork and reading, depending on the type of contract at hand. Some common business contracts include landlord lease agreements, property purchasing contracts, construction or shopfitting contracts and supplier purchase orders or contracts. 

We can help monitor the flow of documents, business contracts, applications, negotiations and communication across the following stages: 

  • Proposal and development approval
  • Design schedules and delivery dates so required services are in place 
  • Liaising with builders, architects, engineers and labourers, in conjunction with site project managers
  • Licences and approvals with local Councils and authorities
  • The procurement process, including ensuring that all equipment corresponds with designs, and is delivered, positioned and commissioned prior to practical completion
  • On-site equipment training, defects reports and sign off of all equipment to make sure the job is complete

Ask us about how we can guide you through the contract management process and get your kitchen open for business.