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Relax while enjoying a healthy meal in Oliver’s Real Food at Aratula. They’ve got salads, soups, curries and pies made with organic ingredients packed with nutrients. Their delicious blends of smoothies and juices are made from fresh fruits and veggies – perfect for boosting your immune system! Oliver’s Real Food revolutionise fast food by providing customers with nutritious meals instead of deep fried snacks. They also cater to people with special dietary requirements, such as coeliacs, diabetics, vegetarians and vegans. At Oliver’s Real Food, you can feed your body the way nature intended it.

Restaurant & Cafe Interior Design

Oliver’s Real Food have been taking the East Coast highways by storm. Oliver’s believe that fast food needs to be challenged with fresh, healthy and real food. This is reflected in the external paint work completed on the building. This concept continues within the internal cafe area with bright green chairs and earthy timber table tops and cabinetry. The design is very open, and customers are invited to peer through the front counter into the kitchen.

Refrigerated display cabinets showcase healthy snacks, sweet treats and drinks. Fancy some coconut water to go with your walnut cookies? How about a bag of sweet potato chips? Check out the LCD monitors above the shelves to see the variety and prices of products available. In Oliver’s Real Food, you can sit on a bench outside and appreciate the scenery or dine indoors while watching ‘Food for Thought’. These are inspiring videos that show the values of Oliver’s Real Food. They empower people by educating their customers about nutrition and helping them live happier, healthier lives.

Restaurant & Cafe Kitchen Design

Food Strategy designed the commercial kitchen of Oliver’s Real Food to be compact and efficient. The coffee bar is right next to the counter, making it easy for employees to use the cappuccino machine and serve rich, organic coffee to customers. Blenders nearby are ready to whip up luscious smoothies on demand. Oliver’s Real Food offer a variety of dishes, including delicious curry, so their kitchen is equipped with rice cookers and soup kettles.

Oliver’s Real Food specialise in organic fast food, so their kitchen workflow was designed to speed up food production. The toaster grillers are lined up on a stainless steel island bench for ease of use. The soup kettles, rice cookers and steamers are also set up in similar fashion along the back wall of the kitchen. The dry storage area is located next to the kitchen. Low and medium temperature coldrooms are easily accessible nearby.

Open a convenience store or fast food joint with Food Strategy. Contact us for a compact commercial kitchen design that strictly adheres to Australia’s food safety standards.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Specification

Bromic single door upright freezer, Hisense milk refrigerator, Custom made low temperature coldroom, True 2 door worktop refrigerator, Custom made medium temperature coldroom, True single door worktop freezer, Electrolux single door stainless steel upright refrigerator, True single door worktop refrigerator, Eurofred multideck refrigerated display, Birko rice cooker, Roband grill station, Birko soup kettle, UNOX electric convection oven, Birko steam cooker, Vertical toaster selected by client, Brayco flat top benches, Brayco wider island bench, Brayco splashback benches, Brayco dishwasher outlet bench, Norris passthrough dishwasher, Hamilton Beach blender, Perspex display cube, La Marzocco 3 group cappuccino machine, Robot Coupe juicer, La Marzocco large coffee grinder

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