The Albion MarketPlace

Albion’s one-stop shop for all things food. The Albion Marketplace condenses the feeling of a whole marketplace inside one store. The products on offer include fresh fruit and veg, drinks and a variety of packaged and fresh-made food and snacks.


At the front entrance of the store, customers are greeted by a variety of ready to eat products in illuminated display cases. Sandwiches and cakes line the right hand side of the store’s entrance, opposite the main POS.

The POS is split into two areas to separate the flow of shop and deli customers. The displays at the entrance encourage impulse purchasing while providing quick access to customers only stopping for a meal or coffee.


The deli design keeps the area compact while allowing enough bench space to prepare foods by hand and in bulk. The design includes a Menumaster high speed oven and a Rational combi oven for efficient and high quality sandwich preparation.


Criocabin refrigerated display cases
Criocabin serve-over deli/meat counters
Williams 2 door undercounter refrigerator
Halton exhaust canopy
Woodson 2 x 8 litre double pan countertop fryer
Rational electric combi oven
Manconi semi automatic gravity feed meat slicer
Williams 2 door undercounter freezer
Wega 2 group coffee machine

Mazzer coffee grinder
Robot Coupe juicer
Menumaster high speed oven
Cossiga refrigerated display cabinet
Rheem HWU
Hamilton Beach blender
Hamilton Beach 2L spare blender jug
Hamilton Beach triple milkshake mixer
Cobra 2 burner gas cooktop w/ griddle