Aether Brewing | Milton

Their beer is the stuff of legend. They’re more than a brewpub — they’re a passionate crew.

It all started when two men stopped dreaming and started working to reach their goals. Jimmy had always wanted to own a bar. Dave had always wanted to own a brewery. One weekend in 2010, they got drunk, and they made plans. They got a hangover — but stuck to their ideas. They were going to make their dreams come true, even if it took them five years to do it.

They did it in one. In 2016, Dave Ward and Jimmy Young opened Aether Brewing in Milton.

Brewpub Design

The foodservice design of Aether Brewing focuses on helping bartenders serve drinks as quickly as possible. For this reason, the bar on the ground floor is equipped with two 6 tap T bar beer fonts with a speed rail and ice well in between. Undercounter cold storage equipment provides easy access to bottled drinks and garnishes. To boost productivity, the bar is also equipped with an undercounter glasswasher.

Aether Brewing has 6 core range beers, 3 seasonal beers and 3 guest beers. Looking for something light? Try Aether Average Ale. It’s simple and refreshing, made with Munich malt and Simcoe and Amarillo hops. Looking for something bold? We recommend Aether Red Giant — a well-balanced brew with malt driven hints of apricot and raisins.

Go upstairs so you can sit back, relax and enjoy full table service. This part of Aether Brewing is designed to serve fresh beer as well as hot, mouthwatering meals. The brewpub’s extensive menu includes crispy battered salt and pepper wings, wagyu meatball cheese burgers and lightly smoked pork cheek with crispy tortilla and spicy salsa.

On the second floor of the brewpub, the bar is separate from the main kitchen. This allows drinks to be served quickly while meals are being cooked. Aether Brewing’s commercial kitchen is compact and highly efficient. Different kinds of cooking equipment are arranged in a straight line along one wall of the kitchen. Cooks can reach commonly used ingredients easily thanks to a compact refrigerated and freezer drawer in the cooking line. There’s also a coldroom behind the bar and beside the main kitchen, so it’s easy for bartenders and cooks to fetch stored food and beverages.

The commercial kitchen’s washing area is near the cooking area. Its heavy-duty passthrough dishwasher effectively cleans and sanitises big batches of kitchenware and tableware with minimum supervision. Aether Brewing’s foodservice design strictly complies with Australia’s food safety standards.

The brewpub’s commercial kitchen design maximises space and creates smooth workflows. As a result, Aether Brewing efficiently serves mouthwatering dishes that complement their carefully brewed drinks. The owners of Aether Brewing spent months brewing test batches, fine-tuning equipment and building their business from scratch. Now they create their famous craft beer in stainless steel tanks with precise cooling/heating systems. Beer kegs beside the bars serve as accessible sources of drinks.

Good beer makes life better. When you take a seat and drink fresh beer in Aether Brewing, you become part of their family.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Specification

6 tap T bar beer fonts selected by client, beer kegs, custom made T bar beer font with 2x water jet glass rinser, Adande compact refrigerator & freezer drawer, Bromic undercounter refrigerator, custom made medium temperature coldroom, Koldtech 2 door pizza prep refrigerator, Maslen medium temperature coldroom with 650 access door, Skope 3 door counter line refrigerator, Skope single door glass chillers, True upright 2 door freezer, Williams 3 door back bar refrigerators, Alto Shaam low temperature smoker oven, Convotherm combi steamer, Turbochef oven, Waldorf char & grill plate, Waldorf gas fryer 400, Waldorf gas range static oven, Hobart passthrough dishwasher, Hobart undercounter glasswashers, docket printers selected by client, Halton exhaust canopy, Mazzer coffee grinder, point of sale, Roband infrared heat lamp, Scotsman ice machines, Waldorf oil filtration machine, Wega coffee machine

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